I have worked from home since establishing Dot Recruit in July 2019 and can hand on heart say that I have grown to love it! There are lots of really useful tips and tricks out there currently surrounding home working and the foundations of having a productive day while we distance each other through the Coronavirus pandemic.

I know that for a lot of people this new way of working and it will be difficult to focus and resist the temptation to get some household chores done/ sneak a Netflix episode / replace coffee for wine.

Whilst self-discipline and a desire to actually do some work are big factors at play here, I am keen to share the top 4 tips that help me personally stay focused and productive when working from home;

  1. Structure is key! Stick to normal working hours, find a dedicated ‘work space’, get dressed. Try to keep as close to your usual routine as possible.
  2. Start earlier if you can – Now is not the time to treat yourself to a lie in! People are generally more productive in the mornings, if you are able to shift your hours so that you can start an hour earlier and finish an hour earlier, chances are you will get much more done.
  3. Minimise distraction. Turn the TV off (or move away from it if someone else is watching it), during working hours remove social media apps from your phone and ‘mute’ group chats. I appreciate it’s easier to be distracted if your children are at home but you get the gist here!
  4. Try the ‘pomodoro technique’ – I do this every single day! (Also useful for juggling home-schooling and work) It’s a simple time management method proven to increase focus. Select a task on your to-do list, focus purely on nothing other than that task for 25 minutes solid and then when your timer pings, have a 5 minute break. Repeat this 4 times and then have a longer break of 20 minutes. Try and get up and move around in the break times.

Please also bear in mind that this is our perfect opportunity to prove to our employers just how productive we can be, show them that we are committed and that the future is flexible!

I would love to hear what is working for you or what you are finding challenging about our current circumstances, we’re all in this together!